by SandyMDH
As many of you who I chat with on MTS and GG forum  know I have been left with 4 orphaned kittens. Daddy went missing 2 months ago and Mummy died a few days ago so as EA deemed it off topic enough to post a kitten pic on their website to give me a formal warning I have decided to post some here as it's my site and I can do what I like lol. Prepare for cuteness overload.

8/18/2012 06:18:07 pm

Aww there are so cute :3 However, it's so sad for their mother.. She look quite young, how did she died ? :(
I hope you will find their father !! Good luck! <3

Just a stranger who stopped by your website while searching sims 3 downloads ^-^"
(Sorry for my english, I'm french ><")


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