by SandyMDH
They are growing so fast and exploring everywhere. We can't keep them in a box anymore! They are such bottle babies though they look at me like I'm trying to poison them when I try and give them anything out of a bowl, any bowl, even milk. 
Any lot builders out there can enter my 'Out of this World' Contest on the EA forums HERE. You could win 1000SP! 
I am back on the Mars theme and have started up the Cydonia project again.  Here is a sneak peak at my WIP. 

My 4th Round Contest entry for QBUILDERZ MTS Contest. Named 'Industrial Chic' due to the interior and exterior theme.
Contains CC by Luna, Around the Sims, Tinkle and  Louma at Black Pearl Sims, Pocci , Einfach Simlisch, B5Studio, Simply Kitsch and the following TSR artists (all items used are FREE content):  jomsims, spacesims, wondymoon, flovv, fantasticsims, eryt96, pralinesims, ruhrpottbobo, annflower1 and riccinumbers.
I will add the file once testing is complete :-)

As many of you who I chat with on MTS and GG forum  know I have been left with 4 orphaned kittens. Daddy went missing 2 months ago and Mummy died a few days ago so as EA deemed it off topic enough to post a kitten pic on their website to give me a formal warning I have decided to post some here as it's my site and I can do what I like lol. Prepare for cuteness overload.

This is the first round entry for QBUILDERZ  foundations contest on MTS. I have called it 'Glamourous Gothique'.  You will need a lot of the Store Gothic and Gothique items - see pics.Download HERE

2nd Round Entry for QBUILDERZ Foundations Contest on MTS. It contains CC: 2 arches by Luna, Pocci's vintage metal spiral stairs and 2 patterns. It has 4 bedrooms. I have used quite a few store items, in particular from the Provence and Muse (Greek) set.

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