by SandyMDH
I built the bridal boutique for a BPS  contest. So, as you can imagine, it is full of CC and clutter. The RAR file is 50mb so a fair bit of cc is included. The only thing that isn't is the jewellery cc which is from MelissaMel's shop stuff at MTS. The items are now corrupt so you will need to run them through Delphy's Dashboard to make them safe. It's nothing vital if you don't want to bother. 
Mediafire Link HERE.
7/11/2012 03:15:58 pm

Are these community lots?

7/11/2012 09:54:36 pm

Yes. The day spa part contains Jynx's spa rabbit hole rug to function as a day spa. You will need to download this. Googling should find it - think it's on CustomSims3 site.


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