by SandyMDH
Woohoo! This year I managed to get past the round 2 eliminations so here are my Bali themed images:

To clean up the blog I have removed all the Wall Art update posts and the files can all now be found on the menu bar above. There will be more soon.
The remit was to create a Tuscan kitchen. Plus the holiday snapshot too :-) There are some custom-made-by-me deco wall plates and pictures which I will share very soon x
Yes it's that time of year again. That time when my downloads folder exceeds 5gb, my launcher starts struggling and my laptop gets very upset with me. It's DOTY time! For those who have no idea what I'm on about it's the Designer of the Year contest on the Black Pearl Sims site. My target this year is to get through to the third round. That's a really difficult target too as the calibre of contestants is ridiculously high. So anyhoo here are my pics from the first round. The remit was to decorate the living area of a Hamptons beach house and add a snapshot of my sims couple on their holiday there.
To see some absolutely beautiful pics from all the other contestants visit the BPS site HERE.
As there is no bar in the university town I built one. Students without a bar? Not going to happen in my town! The lot replaces the Grotto Rebel Hangout so it also contains everything which that would have provided the sims. So there are several bars, a basement dance club with VIP lounge, games areas, art studio and internet cafe. All in bare brick and metal industrial decor. 
The sims 3 pack does have a pattern included so not entirely cc free.

A new build for a 10x10 contest, this is a tiny steampunk style house with all the basics and more. 1 bedroom, bathroom, downstairs WC, study, lounge, kitchen and dining. It runs on steam energy produced beneath.
This has no CC but quite a few store items. It can  be downloaded from the exchange HERE.  

I have had comments that the original world didn't load for everyone so I have stripped it of all CC (except a few EA STORE items) and here it is. I will upload to the exchange later but am happy to share the file in the meantime for those who are happy to provide feedback on any glitches/routing errors you may find. It's a large world so I doubt I'd find them all on my own.
Mediafire Link:

For it to work  you will need all SPs and EPs plus Lunar Lakes installed.  

I decided to build a dorm house for the entry - it houses 8 sims and is full of skilling items, computers, desks etc.
It is decorated in New York loft style.
Download from EA forums HERE.
This one contains 1 CAP pattern (the white brick).

It's been quiet here with me moving house, having to wait a month for broadband and work commitments.  I have 2 new lots up at the forums, both contest entries.
First is French Quarter Ensemble for the New Orleans Contest. It is made for artistic sims in mind and despite the shabby exterior is ornate inside with it's own art and sculpting studios and gallery. I can be downloaded from the EA forums HERE.

This lot was made for my friends at Simomania. Simomania is a new Sims Fansite with news, forums, chat and downloads. You can download the house from the site HERE. You will need to register but it's well worth it. If you follow the link to the forums you will find the house under 'Downloads'. :-)

Description: Exclusive to Simomania, this property has been unoccupied for many years. We just can't understand why. The townies whisper about the two elderly sisters who used to live there. They seemed such lovely old ladies but why did the tower room light up at night and why did strange things happen while they were there? The decor is extremely shabby with dated florals which you could keep in a 'shabby chic' style or update as you wish. That is, if you manage to say there for long enough...

Store Items Used:

Kingdom of Cambodia Khmer Rug
Morris Curtain
Retronic Lectronic by Phonokronik
Jazz Me Up Photo frames
Not so Private Study Door
Pastoral Perfection Shelf
Pump-less Waterwork Sink
He's a Live Wire Radio
Contemporary Curtains by Dave
Towel Drying Rack (Storybook Set)
Victorian Window
Razzle-dazzle em Window

Lady Ravendancer Goth's Book'o Spells
Lord Vladimir's Cauldron