by SandyMDH
This lot was made for my friends at Simomania. Simomania is a new Sims Fansite with news, forums, chat and downloads. You can download the house from the site HERE. You will need to register but it's well worth it. If you follow the link to the forums you will find the house under 'Downloads'. :-)

Description: Exclusive to Simomania, this property has been unoccupied for many years. We just can't understand why. The townies whisper about the two elderly sisters who used to live there. They seemed such lovely old ladies but why did the tower room light up at night and why did strange things happen while they were there? The decor is extremely shabby with dated florals which you could keep in a 'shabby chic' style or update as you wish. That is, if you manage to say there for long enough...

Store Items Used:

Kingdom of Cambodia Khmer Rug
Morris Curtain
Retronic Lectronic by Phonokronik
Jazz Me Up Photo frames
Not so Private Study Door
Pastoral Perfection Shelf
Pump-less Waterwork Sink
He's a Live Wire Radio
Contemporary Curtains by Dave
Towel Drying Rack (Storybook Set)
Victorian Window
Razzle-dazzle em Window

Lady Ravendancer Goth's Book'o Spells
Lord Vladimir's Cauldron 
10/21/2012 05:09:54 am

Hi Whatasociallife - Just thought you would like to know your White Witches' house has been featured on our forum. I have also started to tweet about our downloads and would like to know if you would let me tweet about the ones uploaded on my site xxx

10/21/2012 08:00:02 am

Hi sorry i missed you ... I was about but sorting the pics of your featured witches house so they moved across the box with enough space between them

I am not great at hmtl so it takes time but i was determined to do it and i think it looks good. Take a look when you have a chance xxx

11/29/2012 09:11:53 pm

Hi Just wanted to say you still have 300 simpoints to claim as MeaganJo shared her prize. Let me know what you would like plz xx

Also we have some more competitions - 1 is a house build - I hope you will enter as there was only 3 points difference in the placed winners.


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