by SandyMDH
This lot was made for my friends at Simomania. Simomania is a new Sims Fansite with news, forums, chat and downloads. You can download the house from the site HERE. You will need to register but it's well worth it. If you follow the link to the forums you will find the house under 'Downloads'. :-)

Description: Exclusive to Simomania, this property has been unoccupied for many years. We just can't understand why. The townies whisper about the two elderly sisters who used to live there. They seemed such lovely old ladies but why did the tower room light up at night and why did strange things happen while they were there? The decor is extremely shabby with dated florals which you could keep in a 'shabby chic' style or update as you wish. That is, if you manage to say there for long enough...

Store Items Used:

Kingdom of Cambodia Khmer Rug
Morris Curtain
Retronic Lectronic by Phonokronik
Jazz Me Up Photo frames
Not so Private Study Door
Pastoral Perfection Shelf
Pump-less Waterwork Sink
He's a Live Wire Radio
Contemporary Curtains by Dave
Towel Drying Rack (Storybook Set)
Victorian Window
Razzle-dazzle em Window

Lady Ravendancer Goth's Book'o Spells
Lord Vladimir's Cauldron 
My 4th Round Contest entry for QBUILDERZ MTS Contest. Named 'Industrial Chic' due to the interior and exterior theme.
Contains CC by Luna, Around the Sims, Tinkle and  Louma at Black Pearl Sims, Pocci , Einfach Simlisch, B5Studio, Simply Kitsch and the following TSR artists (all items used are FREE content):  jomsims, spacesims, wondymoon, flovv, fantasticsims, eryt96, pralinesims, ruhrpottbobo, annflower1 and riccinumbers.
I will add the file once testing is complete :-)

This is the first round entry for QBUILDERZ  foundations contest on MTS. I have called it 'Glamourous Gothique'.  You will need a lot of the Store Gothic and Gothique items - see pics.Download HERE

2nd Round Entry for QBUILDERZ Foundations Contest on MTS. It contains CC: 2 arches by Luna, Pocci's vintage metal spiral stairs and 2 patterns. It has 4 bedrooms. I have used quite a few store items, in particular from the Provence and Muse (Greek) set.

File Size: 4421 kb
File Type: rar
Download File


This is a steampunk inventor's dream. It has 3 bedrooms, a rooftop observatory, reading room and large basement with inventing table.

Download HERE

Chateau Cluedo

With the ground floor layout being based on the traditional boardgame this gothic mansion offers 6 bedrooms and a cellar too!

Download HERE.

Maison Mignon

This is a cute French style cottage with basement nectary and established garden. No CC, some store items.

Download HERE

Barn Owl House & Annexe

This was built for a contest which required a house with a granny annexe. This is made up of a cluster of farm buildings which have been renovated into a home. 

Download HERE

Pony Paradise

This large barn has been converted to house the horses downstairs and boasts an apartment upstairs too!
Perfect for equestrians!

Download HERE

This is another contest entry. It does have  a fair amount of CC but I was pleased with the result. EA give us more windows that match and architectural pieces please...
Mediafire Link:

Putting it here to share as it just will not upload to the Exchange. It does contain 4 cc windows and a pattern. It's a 2 bedroom mountain home with a modern twist.
File Size: 3532 kb
File Type: rar
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As some of you may know I'm a teacher. I had some time off over Easter and went a bit mad building some quite varied lots. As before, they are on the exchange but here too. Also these contain store items but no other cc.
Starlight Villa - large luxurious lot 38x40
Slideshow HERE
Aqua Libra - Water themed  modern home
Slideshow HERE
File Size: 2615 kb
File Type: rar
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File Size: 2883 kb
File Type: rar
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and there's more...
Brownstone Beauty Slideshow HERE
Ocean Vista Slideshow HERE
File Size: 2500 kb
File Type: rar
Download File

File Size: 1779 kb
File Type: rar
Download File

 I  have built 2 new lots for contests on the EA site.
The first is a Spanish style mansion called ' El Castillo' . Slideshow can be found HERE.
Download from the Exchange HERE.
2nd is my pride and joy - this was a LOT of work. It's an 8 bedroom, 7 bathroom UK Victorian Italianate Manor house.
Slideshow HERE.
Download from the exchange HERE.
Hope you like!