by SandyMDH

The Stingray Motel

This is the Stingray Motel, a 10 bedroomed motel in a retro and aquatic theme. No CC, some store items.

Download HERE

The Looking Glass Cafe

This is a cute, Alice in Wonderland themed cafe for your sims.
Fits perfectly on the Bistro Lot in Sunset Valley.

Download HERE

Another Miami Art Deco inspired lot. This time it's a designated Exclusive Lounge. There is outdoor seating, a piano bar and karake downstairs. A club and games rooms  are above. On the next floor are 4 en-suite hotel rooms and there's also a rooftop bar and hot tub. Red and white theme running throughout. Download from the Exchange HERE.
I built the bridal boutique for a BPS  contest. So, as you can imagine, it is full of CC and clutter. The RAR file is 50mb so a fair bit of cc is included. The only thing that isn't is the jewellery cc which is from MelissaMel's shop stuff at MTS. The items are now corrupt so you will need to run them through Delphy's Dashboard to make them safe. It's nothing vital if you don't want to bother. 
Mediafire Link HERE.
Here's the 30x30 version. It does include 2 art deco double doors and a small round window in the sims3pack. It was built on a flat lot so should go anywhere in your town.
File Size: 4076 kb
File Type: rar
Download File

I have uploaded the first of my Art Deco items to the exchange. It's a fun item really, a boardwalk with Miami style buildings and lots of activities. I put it in Starlight Shores (it fits the Delmar Beach lot), labelled it as a 'hangout' and had 12 people turn up in the first minute of gameplay - so it'll be a popular spot! The small boat ferris wheel and carousel are deco only. This upload has no cc but needs a few store items to look the same. 
I will add a variation on here soon on a 30x30 lot with some cc which is a bit more architecturally accurate and can fit anywhere. Slideshow with pics and action shots HERE. To download go to my EA Studio HERE.




Here are 2 lots I built that can be found on MTS. The Victorian Terraced Houses are HERE and the Abandoned Victorian School is HERE.